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Elisabeth and Paul

You know when you meet someone and you think “I’d love to become fast and forever friends”? That’s how it was with Elisabeth and Paul. Both had such gentle hearts. I loved watching them defer to each other, combining both of their likes into one vision.

Elisabeth, being a former florist, wished for arrangements and bouquets with texture and lots of surprises. At first I have to admit I felt a little intimidated, but once the day was approaching I found myself saying, “That would be so awesome for Elisabeth and Paul!” everywhere I went. Private gardens, on walks through a park, Home Depot, garden centers and my own garden. Of course I ordered the base flowers and then gathered the plants I had purchased and began the wonderful job of creating what I pictured was in Elisabeth’s mind. I strolled through my garden, bouquet in hand, clipping a little something here and a little something there to add that texture and surprise. I was in love with this bouquet and it will probably remain one of my favourites for many years.

The day was perfect and so was Elisabeth! Beautifully simplistic and so genuine. As she walked down the aisle the look in Paul’s eyes said it all. It was like ‘first love’ all over again.

The Harvest Golf Club was the reception location.  From it's luscious gardens to it's rich inviting wood interior it welcomed the earthy feel. The dark stained woods that were custom made to anchor the center of the tables and the collection of vintage white pillar candlesticks, elegant gold floating candle holders and cut glass crystal cups shimmering with lit floating candles.

Thank you so much Elisabeth and Paul for allowing us the incredible privilege and freedom to run with your vision and bring it to life.

Thank you to the following vendors who helped make this day such a great success!

Photography: Adrianphotographers

Macaroons and Cake: Sandrine Pastry

Hair /makeup: Beyoutiful Artists

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