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Planning Made Easy

Wouldn't it be great to find a fairy godmother to grant all your wedding wishes, and take all the stress of planning from your shoulders? Having someone to keep you on track, remind you of important decisions and guide you down the path of wedding planning bliss is a bride's dream come true, and this is where hiring a wedding planner can be the answer to all your problems.

However, as fabulous as a wedding planner can be, this is not a realistic addition to many already tight budgets. But this doesn't mean that you are alone to figure out this wedding thing by yourself! It's time to take advantage of the many online tools and resources out there. Best of all- many of them are FREE!

My favorite online tool when planning my own wedding was The Knot. This website is free to sign up with, and features endless tips, tools, and how-to's. My two favorite features are My Checklist, a 12 month checklist to ensure you don't miss any of those important details, and My Budgeter, a great way to keep track of your wedding spending, which can easily get out of control.

A great Canadian-geared resource hub is Hitched. Here you will find style tips and inspiration, tools for finding the perfect wedding dress, connections to vendors in your area, planning and organization tools, and so much more. Have fun with the Wedding Dress Designer tool to find the dress of your dreams.

There are so many tools and tips out there to help you on your planning journey. The most important tip that we have at Stage Right is to work together with your fiancé to create a wedding day that reflects your relationship, your love, and your commitment to each other. 

And the presents. The presents are important too. :)

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