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Sarita and Mike

Sarita and seems so long ago and yet it really isn’t in the grand scope of things!  Time is a funny thing that way. The summer flies by for us as we are extra busy making all these dreams come true...makes us sound like we’re fairy godmothers or something... then we get to late fall and we have time to look back and enjoy the memories of great couples, fabulous decor, and inspirational events.

I digress - back to Sarita and Mikes wonderful wedding day!  As much as I love working with whites, creams and blush tones, something comes alive in me when I am given a palette of brilliant colour! Sarita's family is Sri Lankan, and it was exciting to bring in her culture's colour and vibrance through decor and florals.

I so enjoyed creating these stunning bouquets using pincushion protea, brilliant pink roses, mokara orchids and dendrobium orchids.  With the bridesmaids in their fabulous shades of pink and the guys' pocket squares to match there was plenty of room to play with color.  We pulled the color inspiration from Sarita and Mike's invitation which was not only colourful but playful. As you may or may not know, Stage Right etc designs all of our florals here on site as well as designing and printing the personalized stationary.  Again, such a pleasure to design.

All of the family and Sarita and Mikes friends were so warm and friendly. With many family members dressed in fabulous colorful saris it even added more delight for the eyes.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this fabulous day!

Warm thanks to Jessica Balfour for the fabulous photos!

Ceremony and Receptiond Held at the fabulous Sparkiling Hill Resort

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