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What to do when you have beautiful Hydrangea that have come back from an event? A photo shoot of course!

Even though we were completely spent Katherine and I pulled product at the last minute. Finalizing the design as we pulled. We loaded up the van and headed to Summerhill Pyramid Winery, a fabulous venue in Kelowna. The upper deck has a stunning view and is perfect for an intimate ceremony site or reception.

We were so thankful for Jessica Schalmp who so graciously made the time to take some beautiful shots. Although we were disappointed as the weather did not cooperate. The wind was outrageous thus we were unable to hang a chandelier or draping. Had it been a 'real' event we would have hung them for sure! Photographer out there know how difficult it is to get a good shot when the wind is blowing fabric every which way and the chandelier is swinging. All in all it is still a beautiful table scape!

Thank you Jessica for the great photos and your time! We so appreciate it.

Thank you:

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